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Where It All Began

10th May 2018 | George Howell

Ideal First Car has been helping first time car buyers since 2016. Our first client was Lars, a fellow student at college. During an IT class, Lars mentioned that he was going to view a vehicle with the intent of purchasing it as his first car. He went on to ask me if I could go with him, so he could have a second opinion. I thought it would be more fun than coursework, so I did a little more research on the car before-hand, to get a better understand on what we were walking into, and off we went.

Upon arrival, we met with the owner and saw the car was parked on the street. Straight away I started to spot dings and scratches to the body work that where ‘mysteriously’ located on the sections of the car that hadn’t been photographed. After the viewing, we went on a test drive around some local roads. Unfortunately, Lars wasn’t able to drive the car himself as he didn’t possess his full licence yet, so the seller took us for a spin. Despite the body work, the car seemed to be in working order and all the paperwork appeared to add up.

Upon our return, I took Lars to one side and laid out my feelings about the car and highlighted things I had found and how they could affect the price and longer-term ownership of the vehicle. Lars confirmed he wanted to buy this car and asked me to talk to the seller on his behalf. Come the end of the negotiation, I’d managed to knock off about a third of the price; which eventually went towards Lars’s insurance policy. For my assistance, Lars gave me £20 and a promise to refer anyone he came across to me; wanting to buy their first car. At that moment, Ideal First Car was born.

So, what can we learn from this:

  1. Always bear in mind the seller of the vehicle  wants to get rid of the car for a reason.
  2. Don’t hesitate to point things out and ask questions to the seller.
  3. The price on the advert is the price the owner wants for the car, not necessarily the price the car deserves.

Ideal First Car has gone onto help many other young drivers get their first car. Now, we are expanding and devising new ways of helping even more first-time buyers; whilst still keeping the original ethos at the center of our brand.

Lars: ‘I was looking for someone to help me with the purchase of my first car. Ideal First Car helped me understand the process before hand and then a representative, George, came with me to view the car and to check it over. I was very impressed by his knowledge of cars, on all the checks and negotiation skills to make sure that I was buying a genuine car for a great price. He is a very helpful and nice guy. Thank You Ideal First Car’. 

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Article written by:

George Howell
Founder & CEO

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