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10th May 2018 | George Howell

Welcome to the Ideal First Car Blog, where we post helpful content for our users. This will also be a place where you can ask us questions or feedback on your experiences to help us improve our services or tell us how great your experience was! You can expect regular, useful and insightful content to compliment your current Ideal First Car experience. Now, a little more about what’s to come!

  • Here at Ideal, we are constantly working on new ways of helping the first-time buyer. We’re like a fine wine, we get better with age!
  • At every step of the way, you can be assured that no matter the circumstances or situation, you will always be treated professionally and with respect.
  • We will always do our utmost to cater for your first car buying needs, whether you are a complete newbie just starting to take lessons or you’ve passed your practical test and ready to get out on the road, we can help.

Why Us?

We get it, navigating this end of the car market can be like walking through a minefield. Dodgy Dealers, Sleazy Salesman and Untrustworthy Advice plagues the second-hand car market. Ideal is here to prevent that by using top-level industry knowledge and world class customer service combined with innovative new strategies to get you on the road.

We also understand the lifestyle of a student or apprentice is one full of work and, usually, minimal reward (Our company was founded in that environment). So, from the outset, we work around your schedule as best as possible. You tell us how you’d like to be contacted (be it Social Media, Email or Phone Call) and at what time is most convenient. This allows you continue with your life.

We understand that at this time in young adult’s lives, cash is typically sparse. Trying to juggle your job as well as complete assignments plus have a social life is something few understand unless they’ve experienced it themselves. That’s why we are upfront and honest about what your personalised experience will cost and work with you, so you can get the most out of your experience. As we get bigger and roll out our new services, we will be able to provide you with even more value for money. Remember, we want to help you get on the road for a better price, not mug you for all your worth!

Parents, you may be wondering why your child should use us for their first car buying experience. And you’d be right to ask, this is one of the biggest steps we take in the transition to becoming an adult. We will always work with your son/daughter’s best interests at the center of what we do. Giving them information and strategies they can use straight away; not spend hours (or even days) trying to figure it out for themselves.


We can’t wait to show you what we can do, and for what’s to come. So welcome to Ideal First Car, Let’s Get Started.

Article written by:

George Howell
Founder & CEO

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