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26th June 2018 | George Howell

One of the main things I was asked when I started out helping first time car buyers was ‘Where do I start in order to get on the road?’

Here are our top three things you should should do before you get on the road.

  1. Shop around for a quality driving instructor – This is the person who is going to take you through to your practical test and get your full license; so it’s vital to find someone dependable and trustworthy. You may find one of  your seventeenth birthday present’s is a free taster lesson with the local driving school/instructor. Use this to find out your natural ability behind the wheel and get information about your instructor. Don’t feel obligated to stick with that instructor if you think someone else would be better suited to teaching you. Here at Ideal First Car, we can help you with finding the right driving instructor/school; simply click here to get started.
  2.  Get your provisional licence sorted – You can apply for your provisional at sixteen (fifteen and nine months to be exact), if you haven’t then we recommend you get it sorted quickly so you can start driving. This can be done online through the Government website (Click Here to apply if you haven’t already). This allows you to legally get behind the wheel of a car on public roads. There are strict rules for provisional drivers: You MUST be accompanied by a fully licensed driver over 21 years old who has held that licence for at least three years and they MUST be in a fit state to drive (so no giving your older mates a lift home from the club if they’ve had a few drinks), you HAVE to display RED L plates on your car whilst you are behind the wheel, you MUST have LEARNER DRIVERS INSURANCE on the vehicle you’ll be practicing with when not having a lesson. Changes to the law means learner drivers are now allowed to drive on motorways WITH A QUALIFIED INSTRUCTOR AND AT THEIR DISCRETION; meaning you wont be on motorways until your instructor feels you’re ready.
  3. Start your Ideal First Car experience – We recommend you contact us after  your first lesson. Remember, driving isn’t for everyone so once you’ve experienced being out on the open road and want to continue towards your full license; get in touch. The sooner we get started the sooner you’ll have your first set of wheels. You can do this by clicking on the Orange ‘Get Started’ box.

There are other things to consider when you’re first starting out; like the costs of learning to drive, theory test and more. However, Ideal First Car is here to help every step of the way.

Ready to go now? Lets Go! 


Article written by:

George Howell
Founder & CEO

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